Heng I Profile

Founded in 1961 in Taipei City, Heng I Chemical Co.,Ltd. built a plant in Toufen in 1964 to produce sulfuric acid and ammonium sulfate for the industrial and agricultural markets. In response to the need of the domestic fertilizer market, we purchased new equipment and built a NPK fertilizer factory and a calcium super-phosphate factory in the 1970s, becoming the largest private fertilizer plant in Taiwan.

After the company was established, we have gone through many reforms over time. Apart from purchasing and upgrading equipment, we have partnered with Japanese companies to improve our production techniques and management system through the Japanese experience. We have even produced electronics grade sulfuric acid in collaboration with Mitsubishi Chemical of Japan for domestic and foreign semi-conductor manufacturers. As the equipment of the NPK fertilizer factory became obsolete, we launched technological cooperation with Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals of Japan in 2000 to upgrade factory equipment. Apart from acquiring the latest technology, the cooperation has enabled us to increase capacity and thereby secure our position in Taiwan’s fertilizer market.

When Japanese investors withdrew from organizational operations in 2009, CoreMax Corporation took over their shares and shaped the preliminary structure of the group.

After persistent efforts for years, apart from the fertilizer and sulfuric acid core business, we Crossed into the recycling business in 2014 to reclaim waste for high-tech companies and recycle them into re-usable products. By doing so, we created profits for the company while contributing our efforts to environmental protection.

In 2014, we increased the capacity for electronics grade sulfuric acid to meet the needs of partners. As the equipment of the factory also became obsolete, we initiated an equipment renewal project and built a new sulfuric factory. As an important milestone to secure our future development, the new factory enabled us to enhance product quality and improve our corporate image as well.